We stepped up the production, paid a record dividend, maintained our market leadership, and strengthened corporate governance over the reporting year.


The INARCTICA Group is Russia’s leading producer of farmed salmon. We farm salmon and trout in the waters of the Barents Sea in the Murmansk Region and in lakes in the Republic of Karelia.


Atlantic salmon and sea trout farms in the Barents Sea


rainbow trout farms in Lake Segozero

60 kt

potential volume of live weight fish farming


Aquaculture production is one of the most effective ways of addressing food security without depleting natural resources.

Global consumption of aquaculture salmon has doubled in 10 years. Given the strong demand and low imports, the Russian market offers enormous potential for INARCTICA.

46 %

of total fish production in 2022 came from aquaculture farms

75 %

of salmon produced globally is farmed

2.7 mt/year

global salmon consumption


We optimised and localised our production throughout the reporting year by selling our fry plants in Norway, purchasing three smolt plants in Russia, and starting construction on a feed plant.

Our production figures have increased, with the volume of marketable biomass in water reaching an all-time high.

36 kt

volume of marketable biomass in water

25.6 kt

products sold

4 million pcs

capacity of new smolt plants in Russia


We keep enhancing the Company’s corporate governance framework under the direction of relevant laws and industry best practices.

We updated existing Company’s charters and bylaws and approved new ones, opened a shareholder hotline, launched an electronic voting system for general meetings of shareholders and paid a record dividend. Our efforts in this area were favourably reviewed by the rating agencies.

and NCR

affirmed their A− rating and upgraded their outlook from Stable to Positive

96 %

full or partial compliance with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code

RUB 3.3 billion

paid to shareholders in dividends