Business Model

Infrastructural capacities in Atlantic salmon and sea trout farming

Smolt plantsSmolt is a juvenile salmon, a 12–18 month old fry weighing 120–160 g that can be transferred to cages.

  • 3 fry production plants in the Russian Federation

Feed carriers

  • 2 carriers with a monthly shipping capacity of up to 8.5 kt of feed

Support vessels

Repair shop

  • Maintenance and repair of farm equipment
  • Manufacture of workboats

Support service

  • Installation of farm equipment
  • Operation of net cleaning equipment

Packing workshop

  • Production of fish products packaging

Live fish carriers

  • 3 live fish carriers with a total capacity of up to 290 t of commercial fish

Catamarans, passenger ships, workboats

  • 11 catamarans for farm equipment installation
  • 8 passenger ships for transportation of people
  • workboats for farmworkers from the barge to fish cages

Delousing systemDelousing is the anti-parasite protection of fish.

  • 4 FLS production lines

Processing of fish products

  • 2 fish processing plants in the Murmansk Region and the Republic of Karelia
Smolt plants

Rearing of smolt of up to 100–170 g

  • In-house fry production
  • Creation of own brood stock
Rearing of fish to commercial weight

Rearing of fish in cages to reach an average weight of 4.5–5.5 kg

  • Continuous search for new promising sites
25 sites
10 stocked farms
8 sites
3 stocked farms

60 kt potential farming volume of live weight fish

Fish slaughtering, gutting and packing

  • Processing plant in Murmansk and in-house production facility in the Republic of Karelia
  • Ability to increase the processing capacity without significant capital expenditures
118 t per day average processing capacity in Murmansk (live weight)
218 t per day maximum processing capacity in Murmansk (live weight)

Selling through distributors and directly to retailers

  • Direct agreements with leading chains and processing enterprises
  • Efficient logistics outsourcing
2-3 days fast delivery to destination cities across Central Russia