Development History and the Company Today


Establishment of the Company. Development of the distribution segment.


Opening of a state-of-the-art plant is in Noginsk to produce ready-to-cook products.


Acknowledgement of the Russian Sea brand as the most recognisable brand in its segment, according to TNS Gallup Media.


Expansion of the sales geography for distribution and supply of ready-to-cook products: at the end of 2006, the distribution network comprises 40 branches and representative offices in big cities of the Russian Federation.


Initiation of aquaculture development: acquisition of a trout farm in Karelia on Lake Segozero.


Listing of Russian Sea Group’s ordinary shares on the MICEX and RTS stock exchanges. This was the first international IPO of a Russian company on the Russian stock market since 2007.


Launch of the first Atlantic salmon farm in the Barents Sea waters in the Murmansk Region. Certification for farming in the Murmansk Region near the Rybachy Peninsula with a total breeding potential of over 30 kt.


Sale of 100% shares of Russian Sea CJSC (ready-to-cook fish production) to the group of strategic investors on 28 February 2013.


AK&M and Expert RA (RAEX) assignment of national scale credit rating “A” to Russian Sea Group OJSC in September – October 2014.


Detection of critical diseases in the Atlantic salmon population at the Company’s farms in the Titovka Bay of the Barents Sea, confirming the high biological risks in aquaculture and resulting in the loss of over 70% of fish to be harvested and sold in 2015 – 2016.


Sale of the distribution segment to Russian Fish Company CJSC on 4 August 2016 for about RUB 1.8 billion.


Acquisition of two smolt plants in Norway: Villa Smolt AS and Olden Oppdrettsanlegg AS in July and October 2017, which are licensed for the total annual production of 7 million rainbow trout fries and Atlantic salmon smolt. SPO on Moscow Exchange in December 2017: 8,338,998 shares with a par value of RUB 100 per share placed at an offer price of RUB 120 per share.


First delivery of fish seeds from the Villa Smolt AS and Olden Oppdrettsanlegg AS plants. Purchase of the second bulk carrier. Acquisition of a 40% stake in a fish processing plant in Murmansk in November. Start of sea trout sales on the Russian market.


Commissioning ofthe first cage complex with 156-m cages in the Kildin Strait of the Barents Sea.


Signing of direct agreements with all federal networks with distribution centres. First direct supplies of chilled fish to Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Perm, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. First dividend payout of RUB 430 million. Increase in free float from 8 to 14%.


Signing of use agreements with three new fishing sites in the Barents Sea. Purchase of the third live fish carrier Veidnes (A. Ragulin). Debut bond issue of RUB 3 billion. Rating ‘A–’ (ACRA², NCR³). Dividend payout of about RUB 1.5 billion. Transition to quarterly IFRS reporting. Establishment of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Board of Directors Extension and expansion of the share buy-back programme.

  • Announcement of a rebranding and a name change to INARCTICA.
  • Sale of fry farms in Norway and acquisition of fry farms in Russia.
  • ACRA and NCR affirmation of the rating at ‘A–’ and change in the outlook from Stable to Positive.
  • Dividend payout of about RUB 3.3 billion.
25.6 kt
products sold in 2022
10 trout farms
Atlantic salmon and sea trout farms in the Barents Sea
3 rainbow trout farms
in Lake Segozero
683 employees