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  • cities of presence
  • cities of sales
  • Site in use
    site capacity, thousand of fish
  • Site under study

Diversified approach
to stocking and catching

  • Cluster-based
    stocking system

    Reduces the risk of disease spread and frees up time for site recovery

  • Diversification by type
    of fish farmed

    (salmon/trout) Reduces overall biological risks

Geography of production

50-60 ktpa

potential volume of live weight fish farming

The Company proved out that its production
capacities exceed 32 ktpa

  • The global supply

    of Atlantic salmon supply is limited to offshore areas sheltered from wind and waves

  • The Murmansk Region

    is the only region in Russia that is well-suited to salmon farming

  • The Barents Sea

    is a natural habitat for Atlantic salmon

  • The rights to most of the sites

    in the Murmansk Region are owned by the Company, with limited access to the sites for foreign players

  • A relatively short distance

    to the end customer is a significant advantage for the supply of fresh chilled fish