Fish Farming Technology

INARCTICA PJSC is a recognised leader in the aquaculture segment in Russia. We are building our vertically integrated business in the salmon aquaculture market from growing salmon fry and selling directly to the biggest clients, i.e., retail chains and fish processing enterprises.

The production process begins with the egg planting in our smolt plants located in the Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod Regions. The smolt (fry) grow to a weight of 100–110 g within seven to nine months.

The smolt is then transported to INARCTICA PJSC’s marine fish farms in the Murmansk Region and freshwater farms in the Republic of Karelia. Modern underwater cameras and automatic feeding systems are installed in every fish farm to keep an eye on the health of the fish. Special extruded feed of the highest quality is purchased to feed the fish. Feed is carried on two of INARCTICA’s own vessels with a monthly capacity of up to 8,500 tonnes.

The fish are reared for 15–20 months to commercial weight (5.5 kg for salmon and 4.5 kg for trout). Production standards are scrupulously upheld at the fish farms by the Company workers. To ensure farm efficiency, the Company uses eight passenger vessels to transport people, 11 catamarans for equipment installation and farm maintenance, and workboats. Engineering, support, diving services and the net service station in INARCTICA PJSC have a wealth of experience. In addition, the Company has a dedicated biological service that monitors the health of fish at all stages of growth.

The Company uses a proprietary delousing system consisting of four separate lines.

We begin harvesting fish once they are of a marketable size. It uses three in-house live fish carriers with a combined capacity of up to 290 tonnes of commercial fish per day. The fish are transported to INARCTICA’s fish-processing plants, where they are slaughtered, gutted and packaged. The maximum processing capacity is 218 tonnes per day.

The products are supplied under its own INARCTICA brand. We have direct agreements with leading chains and processing enterprises. Our supply chain guarantees prompt delivery to destination cities (2–3 days to cities in Central Russia). We do this to make it possible for our customers to buy ultrafresh products at stores and restaurants.

Grilled steak

We started producing our own fillets and steaks in 2022, giving customers a product that is ready to cook.

Aquaculture farming cycle for salmon and trout
High efficiency of fish farming compared to meat production
Feed conversion ratioThe feed weight in kg needed to produce 1 kg of commercial biomass. 1.3 1.9 3.9 8.0
Meat for human consumptionProportion of meat for human consumption in total biomass., % 73 74 73 57
Meat for human consumptionWeight of meat for human consumption grown when 100 kg of feed are eaten, kg/100 kg of feed 56 39 19 7
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