Company’s Performance Results in the Murmansk Region

By the end of 2022, the average weight of fish reached 1.74 kg. In August 2023, we plan to start harvesting and selling fish of marketable weight.

The harvesting and sale of marketable products from INARCTICA’s farms in the Murmansk Region continued throughout the year, amounting to 28,800 tonnes of marketable fish in live weight. We sold 24,500 tonnes of gutted fish with headFish gutted with head..

Plans for 2023

We will keep stocking three to five farms with salmon fry and smolt trout in 2023. INARCTICA PJSC will consistently implement the current biological safety strategy, salmon louse control and other regulatory procedures of the Company.

We intend to develop and exploit new sites in the Barents Sea and maintain stable cycles of stocking and harvesting.

In addition, we will pursue cooperation with the state authorities to continue subsidising interest rates on loan agreements, as well as developing additional support measures for aquaculture.

Company’s Performance Results in the Murmansk Region